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Tensiometers for Logging
Tensiometers for Logging
Simple reliable design.Prevents stress and breaking cables.Designed to continually monitor tension loads on the Skyline wire rope.A Display is fitted inside the Yarder Cabin to enable the driver to monitor the loading on the Skyline.An alarm is supplied to protect the skyline.The Display enables the operator to safely load the skyline everytime to enable the best possible efficiency of the Yarder, whilst maintaining a safe working environment."
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Item: Tensiometers for Logging
Size: 48.95 Kb

Tensiometers for Winches
Tensiometers for Winches
SIMPLE TO INSTALLNo special equipment requiredMarinised finish available for offshore applications? Heavy duty models up to 100mm ? Custom options available? Payout monitoring options? A full range of instrumentation is available.We are the right choice for reliable quality built low cost tensiometers. Our standard range is available to suit rope diameters from 10mm to 100mm with a choice of mountings to suit every application, and if you want something special we can provide a custom engineered solution specific to your application.The model 8 heavy duty range are designed for exceptionally arduous applications such a marine winches and these are often specified to provide both load and payout monitoring instrumentation.For port cranes a range of single sheave tensiometer are available to satisfy the demanding work load and duty cycle requirements that are typical in dockside operations. Our range of Clamp-On dynamometers provide a quick and accurate solution for standing rope tension measurement without the need for custom engineered load pins or links. Featuring indirect measurement with our standard low cost load pins that are available when required."
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Item: Tensiometers for Winches
Size: 35.47 Kb

Tension Cell 5tonne
Tension Cell 5tonne
A simple 5 tonne Tension Load Cell. Small size with many applications. See the drawings for details."

Tension Meter
Tension Meter
All our Static Tensiometers employ a common operating principle, which is the measurement of the force required to produce a known deflection at the centre of a constant length of the rope / cable / rod under examination.The deflection is produced by engagement of the central shoe or pulley mounted on an eccentric axle, operated by the central lever when engaged. A ball and spring assembly is incorporated in the central box to ensure stable eccentric location and therefore an accurate and reproducible deflection.Reaction force to the rope deflection causes elastic bending of the meter frame between the shoes at the top and bottom of the frame. The degree of elastic bending of the frame is measured by a dial gauge or optional digital gauge indicator acting against an unstressed reference arm projecting the length of the meter. The dial gauge reading (analog or digital) and frame deflection are simply proportional to rope tension. However some non-linearity is introduced over the full working range of a meter, depending on the construction of the rope / cable / rod under test. A calibration curve must be generated for every item being calibrated. Whilst calibration is simple, for the best accuracy the system must be setup using a known force."
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Item: Tension Meter
Size: 508.96 Kb

TIO Radio Telemetry IO Interface
TIO Radio Telemetry IO Interface
A convenient and versatile module that combines optional analogue input and output (Voltage or 4~20mA) and/or digital input and output capabilities with a digitiser and a two-way radio transceiver operating in the license-free band. Standard firmware includes full input/output scaling and control, and powerful action/event handling for alarm and control functions. The model TIO is capable of modifying its outputs according to data received from other devices on the wireless network."

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