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In-Motion Weighing
In-Motion Weighing
Australian designed belt weighers. The Modular Belt weigher system offers a common solution for simple ""control"" weighers to highly accurate multi idler weighers. The modular design allows a common weigher design which suits a wide range of conveyor widths and accuracy requirements and should the requirements change, the weigher can be easily relocated or reconfigured.All models feature a fully floating weighbridge that is restrained against the movement of the conveyor belt by a system of parallel stainless steel leaf springs with require no routine maintenance or adjustment. The unit features a stainless steel load cell with overload protection mounted under the weigher, protected from falling debris material build up. The design allows the simple addition of calibration weights, both manually applied to the weigher and stored in convenient test weight receptors, or, for the test weights exceeding 25kg, the calibration weight is applied via lever arm actuation. As most gantry conveyors only have access walkways on one side, the calibration weigh systems, manual or lever arm only require access from one side. The single idler model MBS belt weigher is designed with one load cell for belt widths to 1500mm wide and with two load cells for wide belts with the possibility of high side forces.The Multi idler MBD belt weigher is designed for applications requiring two or more weigh idlers. The unit is constructed from heavy gauge PFC sections and plate steel mounted on edge, thus reducing surfaces that can acquire material build up. The MBD is designed from standard modules configured to offer the premium solution for each specific application.Contact us for application and installation recommendations data sheet for single and multi idlers belt weighers, or contact us to arrange one of our engineers to review your specific application."

Inclinometers & Orientation Sensors
Inclinometers & Orientation Sensors
3DM-GX2This is a high-performance gyro enhanced orientation sensor which utilizes miniature MEMS sensor technology. It combines a triaxial accelerometer, triaxial gyro, triaxial magnetometer, temperature sensors, and an on-board processor running a sophisticated sensor fusion algorithm. Inertia-LinkA high performance Inertial Measurement Unit and Vertical Gyro utilizing miniature MEMS sensor technology. It combines a triaxial accelerometer, triaxial gyro, temperature sensors, and an on-board processor. 3DM-GX13DM-GX1 AHRS fuses the outputs of triaxial accelerometers, magnetometers and angular rate sensors to measure static and dynamic orientation. 3DM®Triaxial sets of accelerometers and magnetometers for pitch, roll and yaw measurement.3DM-DH™Microminiature version of our 3DM™ with all the same functionality.FAS-A®DC accelerometer based inclinometers with 360 degree range (single axis) or ± 45 degrees (dual axis). Analog outputs are scaled to exact physical units. FAS-G®Gyro Enhanced Inclinometer."

Junior Displays
Junior Displays
The unit features a stainless steel, splash proof sealed enclosure (165mm x 110mm x 60mm) complete with mounting brackets suitable for heavy industrial use. Loaded Software includes full range zero, preset tare, tare / tare recall, weighcount, peak, freeze and silo modes as standard. Special software writes are available upon request. The Onetec Junior can be supplied with the choice of 18mm x 6 L.E.D. or L.C.D. displays and is capable of handling up to 8 loadcells. Two models are available, a standard cable attached system or by using Telemetry Radios to communicate with the Load Cells."
PDF Document for: Junior Displays
Item: Junior Displays
Size: 47.63 Kb

Load Cell Simulators
Load Cell Simulators
We provide several different Load Cell Simulators. These units are essential for anyone who installs or repairs load cell systems. These are essential devices for every technician.If your playing with Load Cells then you need a Simulator."

Load Limit Switches
Load Limit Switches
The load limit switch is activated from the deflection of the rope when the hook lifts the load. This increases the tension of the rope, which activates the device. Electrical connections can be wired into the hoist’s up or down motion.The limit switch can be used in slack rope situations. Units can be factory programmed to suit most applications.If this product is of interest you will need to supply details of your configuration including the reeving, rope size, SWL, specify if the Alarm Cut Out"
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Item: Load Limit Switches
Size: 18.54 Kb

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