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Compression Cells
Compression Cells
Compact Ring-Torsion Load Cells (RTC) are available in capacities from 10 ton to 100 ton with accuracy of 0.05%, the RTC load cell offers an excellent solution for industrial weighing in silos, weighbridges and hoppers. The unit is constructed from IP68 hermetically sealed Stainless Steel and features a ring torsion design which makes it ideal for applications susceptible to side loads (such as wind forces on silos), as the internal construction does not measure the force in the same plane as the load. The Compact Mount model CMR offers trouble free application of load cells. The CMR compact mount is self centering to ensure correct introduction of the measured load to the load cell and features an elastomer mount, allowing for thermal expansion of the measured structure (bin, hopper, etc.). The unit includes self contained side and lift off protection for ease of application.Contact us with details of your application for more details on these Load Cells."

CPWplus Industrial Scale
CPWplus Industrial Scale
The CPWplus is a multi-purpose industrial scale. Capacity: 35kg - 200kgReadability: 10g - 50gFeaturesStainless steel weighing pan with remote indicator Large backlit LCD display Simple 4 button operation Portable with battery power Kg/ lb/ oz/ lb & oz switchable Tare function Mains adapter and wall mounting kit supplied as standard Hold function RS-232 bi-directional interface"
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Item: CPWplus Industrial Scale
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CRW Crane Scales
CRW Crane Scales
CRW Crane Scales are rugged and dependable and the internal rechargeable battery means that they can be operated for up to 150 hours before recharging.Models.CRW-3 Capacity 3000kg with a Readability of 1000g. CRW-5 Capacity 5000kg with a Readability of 2000g.CRW-7.5 Capacity 7500kg with a Readability of 2000g CRW-10 Capacity 10000kg with a Readability of 5000g FeaturesEasy operation Large red LED display Remote control operation for tare / zero, division and hold functions Rugged construction with metal casing and large swivel hook Rechargeable battery up to 150 hours operation Mains adapter supplied as standard Hold / Tare / Zero function User selectable scale division."
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Item: CRW Crane Scales
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DAS1264/DAS1294 Systems
DAS1264/DAS1294 Systems
The Datastick® DAS-1254 and DAS-1294 data acquisition modules bring a high level of reliability, convenience, and versatility to handheld instrumentation for test and measurement. The DAS-1254 module has four single-ended analog inputs and the DAS-1294 has eight single-ended analog inputs. Each model provides one 16-bit digital counter, one TTL-level digital-switch input line, and two TTL-level digital-switch output lines. Each module firmly attaches to any Palm™ Tungsten™ T, T2, T3, or C or Garmin iQue 3200 or iQue 3600 handheld. High-impedance inputs ensure compatibility with almost any active analog sensor. The new, integrated 20-pin connector features a harpoon latch for a more secure connection and is shielded for lower noise than the original DAS-1245. Both models are powered by a pair of on-board AAA alkaline batteries or by an optional external power supply (see Accessories). Power management has been redesigned from the ground up to provide improved power consumption over the original DAS-1245. The DAS-1254 and DAS-1294 include Datastick Connection Lite software for basic functionality right out of the box. Other software applications — Datastick Connection and Datastick Connection Plus — are sold separately and provide better performance, specialized features, and greater convenience. The DAS-1254 and DAS-1294 data acquisition systems, hardware and software, are ideal for applications as varied as R&D, lab work, field testing, quality assurance, industrial control, environmental studies, and education, and they fit almost any budget. • 12-bit resolution A-to-D• 4 analog inputs (DAS1254) or 8 analog inputs (DAS-1294)• 1 Mohm analog input impedance• 1 16-bit digital counter• 1 digital input line• 2 digital output lines• Real-time display up to 20 samples/sec. (Datastick Connection Lite, Datastick Connection, Datastick Connection Plus)• Self-powered or external power; see Accessories• +5 V power output to sensors• 4-20 mA input with optional cable or breakout module; see Accessories• Multirange inputs with optional accessories; see Accessories• Custom input ranges available on special order; for a quote, contact Datastick.Specifications Channels: 4 (DAS-1254) or 8 (DAS-1294) analog inputs, 1 digital counter input, 1 digital input line, 2 digital output lines, analog ground, digital ground, +5V power output Input Connector: 20-pin shielded DXM with harpoon lockAnalog Input Impedance: 1 MOhmAnalog Input Range: 0-5 V across 4 or 8 analog channels. 4-20 mA inputs and other voltage ranges with optional cable or breakout module; see Accessories page for signal conditioning options or contact Datastick for custom input ranges.A-to-D Resolution: 12 bitsAnalog Sample Rate: Up to 20 samples per second with real-time displayVoltage Reference accuracy: 0.2%Sensor Power: 5V switchable, 20 mA max output currentDigital Counter: 10 kOhm pullup to 3.3V, TTL level inputsDigital Input Line: 10 kOhm pullup to 3.3V, TTL level inputsDigital Output Line: 10 kOhm pullup to 3.3V, TTL level inputsPower Requirements: two AAA batteries or external regulated DC power input (5V @ 1A) see Accessories page for optional power supplies.Battery Life: Battery life is directly related to sample rate. At lower sample rates, batteries will last longer. Extended measurement periods can use external power source. We recommends using a Palm™ Tungsten™ T, T2, T"

Virtual CorsetMiniature datalogger combined with an inclinometer and silent shaker used to monitor patient inclination, save inclination data, and provide biofeedback at set limits.Description The Virtual Corset™ has been described as ""a gentle reminder to stand up straight"". A more erect posture can reduce trunk muscle activity, and may reduce the loads borne by the spinal column.By combining an inclinometer, data logger and silent vibrating alarm in a tiny pager enclosure, the Virtual Corset™ keeps track of trunk inclination, and warns the wearer when a prescribed inclination angle limit has been reached. The clinician or therapist sets the unit's inclination limits, sample frequencies, and data save intervals using the serial port of a personal computer (PC); once programmed, the Virtual Corset may be disconnected from the PC. In the field, it performs its pre-programmed datalogging and biofeedback tasks while worn anywhere: during work, play, exercise, and rest."

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